Jessie Edelman: History for a “Hamilten”

aThe musical Hamilton is taking Broadway by storm. The show about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton is breaking box office records left and right and performances are sold out for almost a year. Broadway has always been more accessible to the economically advantaged, but now the show is being shared across all economic classes.

Hamilton is making a splash in the educational community as well. Show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted students who are growing up the way he did to experience the show and learn from it. Miranda grew up in a lower-income household in upper Manhattan. His family didn’t have the money to go see Broadway shows, and yet he is now considered a genius by the Broadway community. Miranda realized that his show about American history could help students learn about its foundation.

bSo Miranda came up with a solution. Students from low-income schools could come to see the show for just a Hamilton, or a $10 bill. There is a catch, though. Before students see it, they have to show off their artistic skills on the very stage that Hamilton is performed on. Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to show these kids that even though it may not seem like they can make it out of where they live right now, it really is possible to be successful no matter where they are from.


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