Tatiana Branch: Bernie Sanders’ outlook for America’s future

bBernie Sanders was on an East Coast campaign run last week. Along the way he made stops in New York City, Rhode Island, New Haven and other places. One the things Sanders wants to improve, if elected, is the wealth, income and inequality for the poor and middle class.

Sanders believes that the United States needs to reverse the gap of income inequality because the rich seem to get richer, while the poor and middle class continue to struggle financially. Bernie Sanders’ website mentions that the wealth gap now is larger then what is during the 1920s.

According to the Huffington Post, Sanders said the reason behind many of his primary losses to Hillary Clinton was because in states with the highest levels of income inequality, the “poor people don’t vote.” And that is unfortunate: Sanders wants to expand the social safety net, creating more well paying jobs, and reforming systems to fix our criminal justice system.

He wants people to believe in America again, that things will get better. He wants to make public college free for everyone and lower the interest rates on federal student loans. This will prevent the government from making more money off student debt according to CNN.

Over the decades while Sanders was in politics, his focus was to bring the middle class back up. In his own words: “The middle class of this country, over the last forty years, has been disappearing.” If given the opportunity to win the presidential nomination for the Democrats, he most likely will continue to preach this.  And hopefully, one day the income, inequality and wealth of this country will be more balanced.


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