Maya Szymanski: Aaaand the semester-long rant comes full circle

aHere’s a little sum-up of what I’ve learned:

We need to reform the way we are functioning in this country because it’s not working.

We are consuming ourselves with affordable food that is destroying our bodies. Capitalism is not sustainable for our health. The biggest most profitable companies in the United States earn all of their money by selling us ways to hurt our bodies.

The best things for you in life do not have labels or need ads, fruits and vegetables don’t have labels or need ads. Every time we buy off the dollar menu because we can’t afford a healthier option, we are quite literally paying to harm ourselves.

The way we treat our bodies directly effects how we function. People consistently demean the effort it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. But this country handcuffs an entire population of low-income citizens by making cheap food, junk and healthy options unaffordable. Low-income citizens have the highest rate of obesity and depression according to the Food Research & Actions Center study;

Wages were inversely related to BMI and obesity in a nationally representative sample of more than 6,000 adults – meaning, those with low wages had increased BMI as well as increased chance of being obese (Kim & Leigh, 2010).

And the National Center for Biotechnology Information also released a study comparing obesity to depression:

depression is strongly and consistently associated with obesity, lower physical activity, and (among the obese) higher caloric intake.

Now, I paired up obesity and depression because of how closely related they are. This may be a bit similar to my last blog post, but it is just a continuation of my semester’s sermon. Everything is connected.

Don’t believe me still?

What are your options if you are a low-income citizen and can’t affordable proper self-care? That’s easy: Get a good education and move up that capitalistic corporate ladder. Oh, but wait, the New York Times article “Money Race and Success: How Your School Districts Compare” lets you know just how impossible that is;

Sixth graders in the richest school districts are four grade levels ahead of children in the poorest districts.

bThat’s a nice head start that will eventually determine the course of their entire lives…

Everything is a fractal and our countries distribution of wealth is the catalyst.


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