Let me explain…

All good things must come to an end, including this blog.

The above is a video shot by Jessie Edelman, a student in the fabulous COMM4500 senior seminar, on the very last day of class,  May 2. That’s Dr. Steve Raucher, head of the communication, film, and media studies department, who is serious about not allowing food or drink — ever — in Maxcy 103, the Vlock Center, a smart classroom if ever there was a smart classroom.

But when you work hard, doors open up to you — as well as the ability to eat in an otherwise restricted class. The class celebrated hitting 10,000 hits on this blog by having pizza in class. Dr. Raucher was absent that day, so he came in last Monday to show us he could be a little flexible, and eat in the Vlock Center, as well. Truth be told, he mostly came to wish the students well.

COMM4500 was 18 seniors who came in various stages of preparation for the class topic, wealth and income inequality. They then took lectures and PowerPoints and ran with them, and created this blog — smart, cheeky, well-informed. I was often surprised at the depth of research, and far afield the students took the idea that things aren’t fair.

We eventually hit 15,400 or so hits.

There will be another senior seminar next spring, but there will never be a COMM4500 quite like this one. So thank you, students, for absolutely everything. You were never boring. Now go out and conquer.



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